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For barking in the morning, as you’ve said yourself it’s best to just ignore it. YOU need to decide the time to get up, not your puppy, and if you let her decide even two or three times (by you getting up and going to her) she can learn to do it again and again. So you’re right to ignore it.

We got a beagle puppy when she was 6 weeks old and she is now 11 weeks. I was trying to leave her in her crate for 1 hour or 2 and it was going well for a while but now she cries for 10-25 minutes until she falls alseep or sometimes she just keeps crying.. After reading your post I thought we may have gone to fast. I tested to see at what point she would start crying and that is when I close the crate and walk away. I was thinking of going back to steps 9,10, and 11 but how many times a day and for how long should I follow these steps?

Introduce challenges. It’s important to up the difficultly level as your dog gains focus and skills. For example, once your pup has nailed the “down” command, mix it up with some distractions nearby, and ask her to hold her position longer.

Walk briskly and randomly around your yard. Whenever your dog happens to choose to walk beside you, reward him with praise and a treat next to your thigh on your preferred side. If he continues walking next to you, reward him for every step you take together. As he gets better at this you will not need to reward him as often. If your dog is completely uninterested in you, take him inside and then try again later at a time when he is a bit more hungry.

To answer your question, it really does depend on your particular dog. Some dogs prefer the safety and security of a confined space and can find being out in the yard with all the sounds and smells they can sense but not see and get access to quite frustrating. It can put some dogs into a high state of alert and arousal which can them stressed and may result in problem barking.

Once your dog is ready to start agility training, your best bet is to find a class or group in your area. The USDAA website has links to agility groups in each state, and many dog trainers offer classes, as well.

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A crate works well as a bed. Because it’s enclosed, the puppy crate also serves as a safe retreat to get away from other pets or pestering children. Don’t you want a private place of your own where you won’t be bothered? Puppies are no different.

She now lives in Northamptonshire and combines dog training and writing with working as a receptionist at a veterinary surgery.  With five dogs of various ages and degrees of decrepitude, she needs the staff discount to keep them in tablets.

Without proper conditioning, dogs may vocalize their distress and make efforts to escape the crates. Crating suppresses the dog’s behavior, removes the dog’s freedom of movement and is a negative punishment (removal of reward) under operant conditioning. Dogs who do not react well to negative punishment may find crating highly stressful. Long term or excessive crate confinement “may lead to emotional and behavioral deterioration over time.” To the extent that crating reduces the amount of exposure to different environmental and social situations, it can make dogs more reactive (fearful or aggressive) or intolerant of novel situations. Crating “may significantly exacerbate the distress and emotional reactivity associated with separation distress”. Behavioral problems that compels owners to crate train in the first place, may be exacerbated by the negative effects of crating.[1]

Kennel CrateThese sturdy Vari-Kennel plastic crates are an excellent choice for dogs that like a cozy place to hang out. You can use them for travel, too, so they’re perfect for pups who want to join you when you go on vacation! Wire Crate with Wood FrameThis crate is a perfect option if you want an attractive crate but have a pup that may have accidents or nibble on an all-wood crate. It’s easy to clean and there are wire panels between your pup and the finished wood frame.

Can’t argue with that. I got involved with the agility community when I was a teenager, and it had quite an effect on me. It turned me into a dog trainer, cured my dog’s separation anxiety, and taught me grace under pressure. I could go on, but basically, it changed my life.

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Solve any dog problem through proven dog behavior training techniques. Fix your dog’s barking, biting, chewing, coprophagia, digging and even canine separation anxiety. Behavior modification training.

He is very receptive and enjoys being in his crate – this is his den, although I have been closing the door a few times throughout the day without much trouble at night he tells you exactly what he thinks.