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You’ve probably seen dogs at shows or on TV who prance alongside their handlers, staring up with rapt attention. These dogs have received extensive training in precision heeling. It’s impressive but demanding work. Precision heeling demands constant attention from both dog and handler and is not appropriate for long periods of time, like for your daily walks around the block or to the park. Even dogs trained to heel need to learn to walk on leash without pulling when they’re not formally heeling.

Power & Speed: The course consists of two sections. The first is an untimed “Power” section, which features the contact equipment and any of the following at the discretion of the judge setting the course: weaves, table, a-frame, spread jump, long jump. If this section is negotiated without accruing any faults, the dog and handler may go on to the “Speed” section, which consists of a timed jumping course.

My problem: she’s 11wks and a chewer. So she’s locked in the crate at night (from 11-11.30pm) in the laundry with other dog (who’s free but old and quiet!). Obviously being labs they are food obsessed. When she moans that she’s awake in the morning (6-7am) we let her out and she basically can’t decide if she wants to eat or wee first. So she does both. She wees everywhere (her only ‘accident’) as soon as she’s on the laundry floor. Purely from the excitement of seeing me and knowing food is near!!

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Hello. I will be getting a golden the end of Aug at 8 weeks old. I have an almost 4 yr old Saint my question is does anyone sell inserts to make the crate smaller for a pup so that I don’t have to buy a new crate. Obviously my crate is an XL crate.

10. Always be happy when your dog comes to you, whether you called him or not. A common owner complaint is that the dog does not come when called. Never punish your dog when he comes to you, no matter what he did before. Call him in a happy, playful tone and reward big when he gets to you, with treats, a toy, or praise.

The alpha dog has first choice when it comes to meal times. Since you are starting your dog at the back of the pack, he will be the last one fed. You may even find that you should crate him during meal times. He can progress to eating at the same time as you once boundaries have been established.

If your dog is refusing to go over a hurdle, practice in a narrow hallway. Set up a small jump, and put your dog on one side with you on the other. Your dog should have nowhere to go but forward over the jump. Encourage him with treats and a happy tone of voice. With a little patience and positive reinforcement, your dog will soon be a confident jumper.

Regardless of which method and techniques you use, effective dog training boils down to one thing-controlling the consequences of your dog’s behavior. If you want to influence the way dog behaves, you need to:

A vinyl tube, 10 to 20 feet (3.0 to 6.1 m) long and about 2 feet (61 cm) in diameter, through which the dog runs. The tunnel is constructed of flexible vinyl and wire, such that it can be configured in a straight line, or in a variety of curves.

If your dog seems relentless about pulling even when you stop, try changing directions instead. You may find yourself turning in circles at first, but soon your dog will learn that he’s not going anywhere if he pulls. He will learn to pay attention to you to figure out which way to go.

If we are being honest – yes there are well trained and kind Pit Bulls. However, you cannot disregard the statistics of this breed being more volatile than others. The issue is uneducated or uncaring Pit Bull owners – not the dog necessarily.

The chest harness was a life saver for me. My dog hates to have anything around her neck. I think it’s baggage from life before she wound up on the streets and in the shelter. I’ll never know what baggage she has left over from then, but I am pleased that we found a compromise that’s as pleasant for her as it is for me.

Midwest Life Stages CrateThis is a good all-purpose crate that’s an especially suitable choice for young puppies, since it comes with a divider that allows you to expand the crate as your puppy grows so it’s always just the right size. Petmate Ultra Vari

Hunter has been to training classes when we first got him and was great however became food possessive with the treats and therefore aggressive towards other dogs. We felt this made him and his behaviour worse so after the course completed we never signed up for the second course.